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Abbey Family History - Genealogist

Abbey Family History

Genealogy, Family and Local History Researchers based in Torquay, Devon

 Abbey Family History have been researching family trees since 2006.

We have traced over 75 trees for customers, with roots spanning to all corners of the UK and beyond, some even linking in with royalty and nobles of bygone days!

Why not start your fascinating family journey today? Just planting a few names could soon blossom into a tree that stretches back over centuries of history!

Louis John Brzozka

Researcher & Company Owner

“We strive to be Flexible, Diligent, Professional, Knowledgeable, Committed to Results and always aiming to provide a high Quality of Service that comes from a family-run and local small company”

“Louis is a creative, intelligent man who brings commitment, focus and determination to his work. He is helping both by husband and I explore our family histories. He continually delights us with what he finds and how quickly he does so.”

Sandy Akerman, Totnes

“I commissioned Abbey to assist with research for a stage play where I needed to know the history of families in the 1930's. I have been very impressed with the thorough and enthusiastic approach. All the difficult information I needed was been delivered. I will be using Abbey again for further research. Very good value for money”

Austin Hawkins, Torquay

“When I asked to have my family tree done I never expected such a detailed account. I found relatives I never knew I had. I also found out that I had actually brought my family back to its original roots in the West Country where I now reside despite being born in Wales. I have always felt a strong affinity with the West country and now I know why. Louis was extremely professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services”

Alex Jones, Torquay