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Abbey Family History - Genealogist

While in the process of tracing a record in the 1861 Census, I was astonished to find the ancestors of 3 of my clients living within a few door of each other!

Some of our stories

Its a small world!

With the advent of DNA testing, it is now suddenly possible to break down the brick walls. Adoptions and illegitimacy are particularly problematic. However, through the power of DNA testing I have linked clients with family they never thought they would ever find!

DNA is the key!

I always say to clients that they will almost certainly have family in the past who moved around the country. I was nearly proved wrong with one client, whose Family tree stretched back 180 years before I found an ancestor outside her hometown of Dudley!

A home for life

- Research of both Paternal and Maternal family trees

- Most lines traced back to the early 1800’s

- A personal PDF computer document displaying the family tree with data of your choice (e.g., Birth date, place, death data, marriage data etc)

- Package includes FREE initial meeting

Core Package - £150

Our Products & Services

We offer a selection of packages to suit your needs.  If you have

anything specific you would like then please get in touch.

Remember, you only pay for results so you get the most for your money.

- Ideal if you want to find something specific about your family or need any assistance with the work you might have already

- Can also be used to top-up the core package by delving even further back through history

- Allows for flexible results tailored to your requests

Pay-as-you-go - £15/hour

- We also specialise in researching specifically on matters relating to Torquay and the local area

- We can access records and sources that may be unavailable in other parts of the country

- We can save you money on travelling to view the records yourself and we offer a ‘no result no fee’ service

Local History Research (Devon) - £15/hour


Minimum charge is £15 per client

All packages are subject to availability of records. In the case of no records being available, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Price may vary depending on the fulfilment of the research.

The more information I have to start with, the greater the chance of success!

Birth, Marriage and Death records are available from local registry offices at a price of up to £11 for a full certificate.

- I am happy to undertake requests to view, transcribe and photograph records held at the Devon Heritage Centre in Exeter

- Clients can arrange for the records to be brought out and I will view and photograph them as required

- Look-ups of parish microfiche also undertaken

- £5 charge for camera permit if photos required

Devon Record Office - Record Photography - £15/hour